Return On Investment

Compcare Services has been providing comprehensive software solutions to trucking companies for over 35 years; The Compcare team averages over 10 years of experience. We realize that in transportation, each company has unique needs. For this reason we utilize a consultative approach. Our systems are an increasingly valuable asset, constantly evolving with the promise of greater revenue and lower costs for our clients.
Set Objectives
• Identify software’s target role in your company
Analyze Operations
• Break down and assess workflow
Implement Systems
• Install, train and move freight
Refine Procedures
• Reevaluate processes and make modifications
Assess Results
• How well have we done?
Adding Value To Your Business

Our systems are designed to maximize your human resources. We are constantly refining our systems capitalizing on the latest technology to keep our clients on the cutting edge. Over the years Compcare Services has developed close relationships with Intermodal Marketing Companies, Rail Roads, Brokers and Steam Ship Lines. This has allowed us to directly integrate our systems with your customers’ systems thus translating into an improved bottom line for our clients. © 2007 • Privacy PolicyTerms Of Use