In the trucking industry, Compcare is riding the wave of change. “Our systems have been tested over hard roads since 1983”. Compcare Services specializes in the development of comprehensive operations management software for trucking and logistics companies. Our products and services assist carriers with the total management of their logistical operations. Compcare maintains our own in-house full-time programming staff which enables us to offer full service consulting and custom development. Our product lines maintain the flexibility to be complemented with any combination of our enhancing multifunctional modules.


By providing visibility of driver/truck via mapping software to dispatchers verbal communication is decreased and route optimization is increased. GPS offers 2-way text messaging of load information. Not only can we push load information out to drivers, we can also receive load information from the driver. We then auto-update the system with this data.


Compcare Services will process full transaction sets 

•  Eliminate manual data entry 
•  Electronic Invoicing
•  Eliminates the need to manually update Shipment Statuses in
    your Customer's Website

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Document Imaging

• Once documents are scanned and archived, documents are can be accessed in seconds. Users can search for documents on any criteria. No more digging in file cabinets, making copies and faxing.

• Scanned documents are visible to the driver settlements staff. Your payroll employees can simply look at the screen and tell which drivers have turned in which pieces of paperwork, this greatly improves processing time.

• Scanned documents are visible to the invoicing staff. Your Billing employees can easily glance at the screen and tell which paperwork items have been turned in. Print ‘Backup’ paperwork right behind invoices. Save paper, email invoices right from the desktop.

Yard Management Systems

Print in-gate interchanges right at the guard gate and invoice for storage time and services on your depot yard.

Web Integration

Upload images and shipment statuses to your website. Your customers have secure access to their loads 24/7. © 2007 • Privacy Policy • Terms Of Use